Foam-Control provides the control for design and performance you need to cost-effectively enhance your product’s value:

  • Ideal for strong, lightweight components in garage doors, refrigerators, compressors, cabinets, insulation and more
  • Ideal for lost foam casting
  • Versatile production: cut, shape mold, laminate and fabricate
  • Superior insulation value for applications needing temperature control
  • Meets a wide range of industry specifications and certifications


Pipe Insulation

Foam-Control is a cost-effective, durable, and energy efficient solution for pipe insulation applications in the service range of temperatures from -100oF to 165oF. Foam-Control is available in standard and custom cut fabricated profiles to meet your pipe insulation project needs. Foam-Control pipe insulation assists with process control, energy conservation, and personal/equipment protection.

Pipe Insulation

Garage Door Cores

Rising energy costs have made it increasingly important that a home is well insulated. A well insulated garage will help stabilize the temperature in the home, resulting in reduced energy bills and a more comfortable living environment. Foam-Control used in Garage Door Cores combines durability, versatility and reliability with a high R-value, making it the preferred insulation for commercial and residential doors. Our technical expertise will help you match a product with an R-value, density, compression resistance, dimensional tolerance and laminating facer to meet your needs.



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