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Depend on ThermaFoam LLC to meet your needs.

ThermaFoam LLC is a molder/manufacturer and fabricator of Molded Polystyrene. ThermaFoam has been in business continuously since 1978. ThermaFoam LLC is getting ready to celebrate it’s 30th year of servicing it’s customers.

Molded polystyrene is primarily considered to be an insulation material, but currently finds markets in a number of diverse fields. Molded Polystyrene is lightweight and inexpensive. Principal markets are regional in nature, normally within a 500 mile radius of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Molded Polystyrene is a petrochemical product, white in color, and is the same material used to produce the common foam disposable coffee cup. Therefore, it is completely safe for humans, does not emit the harmful CFC gasses associated with other plastics, and has a good environmental record. ThermaFoam LLC has recently begun a “Green” program where we attempt to recycle much of the normal scrap that is produced during normal production in addition to picking up clean scrap from some of our industrial customers.

Molded polystyrene resins are supplied to us by domestic suppliers whose resins are UL certified and contain flame retardants which are required for building codes compliance. The manufacturing process consists of expanding the resin to the proper density, and then molding the material into a block. The most common densities range from 1 pcf to 2 pcf, but we have regular customers using both lighter and heavier densities. Our block has a cross-section of 42” x 49” and the length is normally 96” (8 feet) or 192” (16 feet).

The block-cutting process typically consists of first slicing into sheets of the required thickness. A secondary operation is to trim the sliced sheets to produce the required length and widths. Cutting is done with hot wires, thin wires with electric current flowing through them which actually melts the foam to produce the required dimensions.

We also can wire cut three-dimensional contours with a computer-operated cutting machine. For instance, this machine might cut columns, circles, sculptures, or various architectural shapes used to decorate the outside of buildings. Letters, numbers, and trademarks can also be easily produced.

Normal office hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Central Standard Time. Customers and prospects are invited to use our toll-free Phone number (866) 582-2730 or toll-free FAX line (254) 582-2811 for orders and inquiries.